I used to think that we were poor, why don’t we go to the shops and buy food like other families instead of making our own food which is the traditional way of making food in the villages which is pounding the maize or sorghum untill the state you want it in.

I hated the days when we had to pound sorghum or maize as its a very long process and takes so much energy. In fact I used to think my grandmother is abusive when she would want us to pound the maize because I always thought that was just the hardest way to get soft porridge why not just use the simplest way:just buy the damn soft porridge. But when the pounding was over mmmmh the result were always good. How I miss the soft porridge. But now I envy and miss those days. And I how I used to run after the chickens so we can have chicken today lol, I look back all and all I do is laugh and envy those days.

It was such a good way of exercising without even knowing it,for example it would take 2 and a half hours to pound the maize plus wallowing and that was good and ontop of it very healthy as the food didn’t or doesn’t have colour or all this scientific bullshit American food is made of.

Before when I was still growing up I used to think all food from Botswana or let me say all the foreign food was from America I am ashamed to even think I used to think like that. I used to eat a lot but never gained an inch of fats or gained weight, I am not a fan of salads and all that, but now and then I even wonder that these salad I am eating is it even a lettuce or just a scientific thing made to look like lettuce. Lol

Big up to African food for keeping it real, we have the best foods on the planet earth indeed Africa is heaven, we all want civilization and we all think that civilization is when you condemn what you have and praise the western foods. I was like that but not anymore.

For example just the Ecco beef made in Botswana it is the greatest thing compared to the one I am buying in America it is like dog food I can’t even eat nor look at it.Well enough of that.

When it came to gifts and christmas trees and santa mmhh we didnt and still don’t believe in santa,and we didn’t put up christmas trees,and lol the only gift you get was new clothes from head to toe, eat chicken,rice and salads,music and good drinks with all that your christmas was complete and to top it off, surrounded by the people you love, your family,nothing beats that.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.


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