I am back again,but this is not a tutorial but a dress i made today, i wanted something to wear out,its Friday… what is so awesome about this dress is i have no sewing machine, lol i hand stitched this dress… i think i did a damn good job, maybe its high time i buy a sewing machine…let me know what you think in the comments box below ..

i also made the clutch bag and the earrings

 i am so working this dress, i love the fabric and the color too,its a spandex fabric that i bought at Joann’s,to me it was expensive because it was $16.99 per yard and i only bought one yard, believe me and you i am never setting my foot in that shop again,i mean there is cheap fabric online.

 after sewing i was like mmmh this dress something is missing,it was so boring and immediately the buttons i have had so long became handy and i really love how it turned out,even though the other part of my heart is like “giiiirrrrrl you made that peplum long” hahhahaah

 The shoes i got them at Charlotte Russ long time ago and i still love them…OOOh and the smile lol i was born with it and the good looks smh. I used glue to put the buttons i was running out of time to go out for some drinks,but i will stitch the when i have time. i also used the hot glue gun to hem the fabric i couldn’t really hem it by hand,again it was taking my time.

 Mmmmmmmmh bye thank you for the visit

 lol late night modeling….


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