I think for now we all know i love looking good,i have that creative mind and magic hands. I like making my own crafts and clothes,i love looking unique in my little kind of a way. i also believe that anyone,everywhere can make crafts and be able to design their own clothes,all you need is a little bit of patience…OK if i don’t stop, i will keep on talking until…

I have brought yet another diy to refashion your old shoes…

 what you will need

  •  Off course you will need shoes
  • fabric; the fabric i am using was just a left over from a clutch i made which u will get to see here also 😉
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • decorations e.g studs or anything you feel like decorating your shoes with

 I still love this shoes i  bought them at Ross  like 8 months ago and  they are still in good  condition,just needed to  give them a face lift, if i remember well they costed about $9.99 which was cheap. 😉
So i go ahead and cut off that thingy i don’t know what is called,but if your shoes don’t have that thingy, just jump to the next step… 

Which is gluing the fabric to the shoes, i chose to put the fabric by the ankle or back of my shoes as i didn’t have enough fabric to cover the whole shoe, so if u have enough fabric go ahead
and glue the whole shoe,lol that’s what i wanted to .;(

Lastly when you have decided if u want to cover your whole shoes with fabric or do half shoe like me. This is what i did with my shoes

OOhh and this is the clutch that i made and the fabric was left from…Cute right…mmmmmhhh i love it

i really love how it came out so beautiful gggrrrrrr gggrrrrr

I am in love with my shoes again…

And ooooh you thought i was going to create this awesome shoes and not parade them..This is how i styled them,believe me i rocked those shoes as if i just imported them from LONDON lol

Thank you for the visit,please do tell me what you think on the comments below


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