imageBOTSWANA  (Tswana: Lefatshe la Botswana), is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. We as citizens we refer to ourselves as “Batswana” (singular: Motswana). Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name after becoming independent  on 30 September 1966. It has held uninterrupted democratic elections since independence.

Botswana is flat,and is mostly covered by the kalahari desert.It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Namibia to the west and north, Zimbabwe to the north east and Zambia to the north

Batswana we dress like everyone else in the world trousers/pants, dresses etc just normal clothes,shoes and everything in the fashion industry. I am usually surprised when people ask me if i wore shoes in Africa before or i started wearing shoes in united states. Don’t get me wrong I love walking bare foot in that lovely cold sand after a long day and its not like its every day i do that. Also with clothes we usually wear animal skin made costumes for dancing on special occasions.
Our cuisine is very unique speaking as a maun born we have our own dishes which are different from other tribes in Botswana and i wont be found in the other parts of the country, for example my favourite is tswii its not easy to get and to make. Tswii is sort of like a potato and we usually mix it with meat/beef to add flavour to it. i love love tswii.
Even though our cuisine is unique, we share some characteristics with other cuisine of Southern Africa. Example Botswana foods are samp (setampa) and lol i looked for samp everywhere here but i guess they feed it to chickens, pap (phaleche), mopani worms, bogobe jwa legala which is soft porridge cooked with milk than water yummy this is one of my favourite dishes, last but not least madombi (dumblings) which also my favourite i tried making some 😉
A unique to Batswana to includes seswaa a heavily dried,salted mashed up meat, magwinya my favourite too,it is bread that is just similar to funnel cake and made the same way but we make ours into round shapes like in the picture below.
we all eat and make foods from different parts of the world and try to make them into our own cuisine or you might say in this content that its a mash up of traditional food with the modern food, this pizza here is made with mophane worms,i have’nt tried it yet but it is on my to do list yummy. But would you eat it? I DARE YOU LOL


The official languages is English and Setswana, Although Setswana is widely spoken across the country, there are some other languages spoken in the country by different tibes e,g bayei, bahambukushu, basubia,kalanga, shekgalagadi etc
The ministry of health in Botswana is responsible for overseeing the quality and distribution of health care throughout the country. We get free medical help and thats one thing i love and praise my country for,it takes care of its people. when was in the united states my landlord fell and broke her arm she had to make an arm cast because she couldn’t afford to pay for it as she didnt have insurance as in Botswana she could have just got it for free. Sometimes it really annoys me when i see people complain and not appreciate what they have.


Like elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa we Batswana we are also affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. My qovernment began a comprehensive program involving free generic anti-retroviral drugs as well as information campains designed to stop the spread of the virus. People are also given free condoms at hospitals and clinics, and testing for HIV/AIDS is free. All this i am proud to say started under the leadership of our third president Festus Gontebanye Mogae.
1.Botswana has the largest population of elephants in Africa and 17% of the country has been set aside as a National Parks and Game Reserves.
2. The national animal is the Zebra, Which is where the national soccer team got their name. What is the national animal in your country?
The national soccer team, we are not as good as Brazil but still we love the team and our nation pride and I support it 100%.

  The colors of the flag carry cultural,political and regional meanings.The light blue represents water specifically,in its form of rain as it is a prcious resource in Botswana, We really value rain as we suffers from frequent droughts due to the dry climate of the Kalahari Desert.

The black and white frame has two meanings. Firstly, they symbolize the harmony and cooperation between the people o different races who live in Botswana, as well as racial diversity of the country. Furthermore, they represent the national animal the zebra.



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