I was sleeping facing up and my arms across over my head and the devil was pulling me wanting me to go with him and I kept praying and praying it was a really big fight it even seemed real. I will pray and he will stop then when I stop he pulls me more times harder than he did at first it was so scary he was flipping me over trying his best to take me to his side I couldn’t I kept shouting burn in Jesus name and when he left my hand I would throw sand at him I couldn’t see his face nor body but the force that pulled me was too big and scary. The Lord saved me and this is not the first time.just saying his name and praying kept me from being pulled to hell. I am so thankful. I woke up with my arms a lil swollen  across my head and i was still praying.

This is just to remind you that the Lord is there, And I believe that but what surprises me is I never pray  when I go to bed and i haven’t been to church for almost a year now, but once the devil starts to attack me the only name that comes from my mouth is Jesus,I believe he saved me and he has a greater power than the devil.

Friends I have told, thinks it was just a dream but that’s not what my mind is telling me. That dream was real and I don’t dream every day, I dont know what it means but what I know is I am saved. I got saved and thank you Jesus and its not the first time you did save me but the third time now. 🙂


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