LOL just this photo made me laugh so bad, and it brought back childhood memories heheheehhe, As far as my country, culture is concerned I have never celebrated thanksgiving, not that i hate it, no i don’t.  In Maun, Botswana, Africa most important celebrations around this time is Christmas and New Year. Yeeeeaah but I am still excited for thanksgiving but mostly I guess is the food that excites me.

Well getting back to the image above. I can’t stop laughing. So I am going to tell you a story, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but I was cared for and I also experienced life both ways, Before I bore you, here is the story.

I remember it was a Sunday and it was me and my grandmother at home alone, I come from an extended family where everyone still lives at home, like mom, father, us kids, grandmother, aunt and uncles but u get what am saying right? But this time around no one was home only me and grandmother.

And guess what, LMAO she felt like eating chicken, we had our little chicken family lol I had to run after the chicken for almost an hour, I was a little chubby then, and it was really not working out, suddenly lucky me our neighbors kids helped me to catch it.

I handed her the chicken to kill because I am such a sissy, I don’t have the guts to take life like that. And it also happened that she doesn’t have the guts too, lol sorry granny.

It became such a long quarrel, if you are an african you get what I am saying, a lecture erupted too of how disrespectful I am.Then again the neighbors kids came to the rescue.

My grandmother was happy that day. I cooked her the chicken and everyone became happy. Lol I hope I didn’t bore you with my story. I love my grandmother she is a big part of how I grew up to be the person I am. Thank you granny.

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday yeeaaahh yeaahh…

Thank you for taking time to read my blog♥


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