I love poetry will all my heart, sometimes it feels like the words describes, understands how I feel and maybe is because I am an artist. Was on the internet and came across this beautiful poem. Oh my;) I just fell in love and I think it goes well with my new shoes collection. Don’t forget to make your order ;).

haiti ruralafrican shoes 1505027_663188723733982_1175440941_nhaiti ruralafrican shoes


Beautiful Creole Woman
You are such a very beautiful Creole woman
Your body is sweeter than a little kawòl *
The spit in your mouth is like the juice of soursop**
When I see you I forget if I know how to play soccer
… I can’t even make a goal
When you talk you make me lose control
And a little kiss from you makes my feet come out from under me
Your beautiful little voice is like a nightingale
Beautiful Creole woman
Come closer to me so I can say something to you
In that good way of the Creole language
Things that I didn’t learn at school
Because my woman is a Creole girl
Who always makes me feel like flying
Without even having to drink alcohol.
I have to marry a Creole woman.
haiti ruralafrican shoeshaiti ruralafrican shoesI don’t know who wrote the poem would have given credit.
Thank you and if you want to place your order for the shoes this where you can place it.
🙂  😉

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