After I took these photos, I then sat my beautiful lovely behind down and I looked at these photos very closely and I said to my self.

1.why did I stop wearing my natural crown?
2. What inspired me to start wearing wigs and all this fake hair?
3. What was the main reasons that I choose that I look better in wigs than my own natural hair?

Well I never even got to answer this questions my self, they seem so hard to answer. I remember the first time I had a wig sewed in my head by a zimbabwean woman in maun by shoprite,she took me behind the shops we found a tree, where we found other zimbabwean women plaiting other women, it was painful sewing it in, and because it was my first time i was so anxious and curious. The more she tried to make the wig to look natural the more it hurt. Anyway they say no gain without pain.It took almost 3 to 4 hours, it was so uncomfortable to sleep on the first day and the care taking of these hairs extensions or wigs is just too much. I remember I had to wrap my hesd when going to sleep, comb it in a certain way to make me look good, and the most annoying thing is the scalp itching part and you can’t really reach it because there is no space to reach as it is a sewn in.


Now back to the photo, I am really loving my natural look and I think, I am going to be wearing this uniquely God given crown for a while because I totally look amazingly beautiful,Β  what do you, anyway it doesn’t matter because I know how I look BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN MOTSWANA WOMAN.

I love wigs and extensions, maybe I will one day get to it again, but not soon. I am not discouraging anyone from any hairstyles you want but again I always here women saying, they don’t look good with their natural hair, but again if you don’t give your natural crown a chance, how will you know. I used to be like all this women untill I lived according to me but to not to what people will think or judge of me.

πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


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