There are a few things you should keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more.

1.Choose a well-lit area

Good light is an essential element of any photograph, and selfies are no different.
The sun or light source should always be in front of you and a bit above eye level, never behind you. Light from behind leaves your face in shadow and completely ruins a selfie. Use natural light if at all possible.  I love natural light.


2.Have some tact

There are some places that should be completely off-limits to selfies. Funerals, weddings, and other major occasions are off limits. If you are at an event meant to focus on or celebrate another human being, put down your smart phone and step out of the lime light.
Similarly, if you are at a memorial site, keep the phone in your pocket. No selfies at any other memorial or statue, especially if a tragic event took place there once before.


3.Pose with a pretty background

While the bathroom reflected in your bathroom mirror may seem like an acceptably standard background, to take a truly good selfie, try posing with something that people might actually like to see.Nature always makes a great background.
If nature is not your thing, you could stay indoors and take a selfie in your room. Tidy things up first, though. Usually my selfies are about something new that I want to show thats why they are all about me not my background. Here I am showing my new hair style.


4.Watch out for photo-bombers

The standard culprits include younger siblings, crying children,etc Before you snap your self, take a quick look around to make sure that no one and nothing is lurking in the shadows, waiting to ruin your moment.Of course, if a photo-bomber still manages to sneak into your selfie, you can always retake the photo after the intrusion leaves. Just make sure to check the background thoroughly before you upload your newest selfie.

5.Striking a Pose

Show off something new. If you decide to take a selfie to show off a new haircut or a new pair of earrings, make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new feature that has you so excited.Try a natural look. You can take a picture of yourself as the outside world always sees you, but taking a snapshot with minimal makeup can give the illusion that you’re giving your social media followers a glimpse at the “real you,” which can be both interesting and sexy.



Maybe smiling for the camera—or camera phone, as the case might be/makes you feel a little silly, but taking a random photo of yourself with your phone is a silly enough action in itself. Trying to look “cool” in a selfie usually backfires, anyway, so don’t be shy and show off those pearly whites.
You can play around with different smiles.

Avoid the usual mistakes. The “usual mistakes” involve actions and poses mistakenly done in an attempt to seem cool or seductive. Notable choices include the infamous “duck face. ”


There are lots of guidelines and tips on how to take selfies and these are just a few of what I use and have on my mind when taking selfies.

Anyone wanting to take a selfie should avoid the following poses:

-Duck or derp face
-Double peace sign
-Sticking your butt out.

* To those with cleavage, it Cleavage shows well if you prop yourself up with elbows in a bed or the floor.

* The body looks more slender if you cock one hip way out. Although, being proud of your figure as it is should matter more because appearance doesn’t define your abilities.

* If you have muscles, stretch out the arm you want to show off; the muscles look best like that.

* Keep it all as natural as possible or you’ll look like a try-hard. Then again, that’s what selfies are all about.



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