Q.Your name / pen name, age, city?
A.Tebogo Regasegile, 24 years old, Miami fl

Q.What are your job? designer and managing my business.

Q. Your hobby? 
A.Crafts, Fashion DIY projects, reading, hanging out with friends or browsing the internet to get inspired by other designers.

Q.How and when you have to decide to become designer?
A.I decided to do fashioned when I moved to the US. It was not easy to find a job and I had to use my talent to make money and try to survive.

Q.What is your inspiration in the world of model?
A.My inspiration is seeing people wearing and loving my designs. Getting good feedback that I am doing something right. And also negative feedback so I can improve next time.

Q.The mua that you prefer / one idol?
A. Maya Angelou that woman spoke her mind and her quotes. I love reading her quotes. She was a phenomenal
Woman and she will forever be. May her soul rest in peace.

Q.What is your worst memory as artist?
A. When business is slow and I have to customers and bills to pay. Lol

Q. And what is the best?
A.Busy months like Haitian flag day. Yes then I do get customers.
What is your project in this domain? Your aspiration future?

A. My aspiration in the future is to have a foundation to help kids go to school and not have to worry about where to sleep in both Haiti and Africa.

Q.What is your slogan?
A.choose to be different, embrace you. Simply means that you don’t have to Blend in, for what? When you were born to standout.

Q.That think you of the concept of the Page Haitians Got talent , to promote Haitian people ?
A. I am grateful for this page for encouraging Haitian businesses around the world and showcasing talent found in Haiti is not all about earth quakes and all that sad staff being showcased around, Haiti is beautiful and there is talent in Haiti.

Q.What advice you would give has of girls who would like to dash into this job?
A. They need to make sure that they have patience and are willing to work at anytime of the day. But most importantly they should embark in this job because they love it not because of money. Because they wont enjoy it and its always wise to do something you enjoy to get better results.

Q.What do you wish for Haiti, in particular for its youth?
A.I wish Haitian youth to unite and be one, never be discouraged about bad staff they hear about Haiti but strive to make it a better place for our generation and the next generation. And Education is important without it you cant go far.

PS: I am African born and raised in Africa, but been involved with Haitian activities in the United states and I am currently looking for a non government organisation to donate.
You know of any please comment below.



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