I always wondered why in America, will a woman in her right senses smile and take it as a compliment when his man or boyfriend whichever it is, calls her a bitch or a whore. I have seen this happen quiet a lot.

I also wondered why these woman will go around even boosting about being his bitch, not his bitch in fact his bad bitch, how she is a bad bitch and what not.

I also wondered why African females call themselves black queen, beautiful woman, all this beautiful names a woman will call her self in respect of her status in the community. Why an African woman will slap the hell out of a man who will call her a bitch, African woman i mean those who are educated but still not corrupted by the western lives or the so called “3rd world countries”. There is no how the word bitch can be used in a good way. Because they will say “don’t take this wrong you are a bad bitch in a good way”.

Oh really like wtf do u mean.

Well now i see this trend in Africa, you know Africans we like copying whatever Americans are doing, i think we think that is civilization. Our music is so changed. We call ourselves the N word, do u even know what it means.

It is not civilization to be calling women whores, bitches or cursing to make a song. This is the reason why i don’t listen to rap music.

Enjoy your Friday, i am about to go listen to rap music and sip some hot tea.



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