Nna ngwanyana wa mokoba ko motsing ko maun, munyana wa makhungara nii tswii

 1.Take a bath

2. Go for a walk

3. Buy yourself some flowers, get roses lol my favourite

4. Go to the park and enjoy nature

5. Indulge in your favourite treat

6. Put on your favourite songs and dance around e.g i love Beyonce.

7. Read a book or magazine you like.

8. Curl up in a cup of hot something well me i like green tea.

9. Get a manicure or pedicure, guuurl go get you some new weave or wig.

10. Get a massage

11. Stretch

12. Cook a new dish, go on youtube and learn how to cook Egusi or Jollof rice, lol if you are from Southern Africa and you dated a Nigerian man you know what i am talking about.

13. Watch a new movie, well i love movies especially new interracial porn movies lmaooo

14. Meet up with a friend.

15. If you have pets,spend time with them, if you don’t like me go get a new one.

16. Write somewhere in your journal about how awesome you are, the way i am obsessed with myself i can write a whole book lol.

17. Do something artistic, google it, pinterest it or watch a craft video on youtube and be creative, if you are already crafty like me, you won’t have a problem.

18. Clean your environment, a messy room can d

19. Take yourself out on a date, sounds lame but try doing it, just don’t go to church’s chicken, KFC or burger king go somewhere expensive and spend on yourself you worthy of that.

20. Find something to be thankful of, well i am thankful of my whole family everyone is alive and doing well. I am also thankful to God for i still breath and saw the sunrise and sunset today.

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