At this moment in time I am just ashamed of my continent.


Africa belongs to all of us. Let us unite and be one. Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. What is so hard about that. What is so hard about spreading love rather than hate.


This killing and Raping needs to stop. Its such a shame that we are doing this to one another. How do we expect other races to take us serious if we are the ones killing ecah other.


We need one another you never know what might come tomorrow and you will need the help of that person you killed. We are one. As there is a saying that noone is an island.


I can’t sleep because of what is really happening in my continet, my africa. Where my kings and queens are hurting each other.
Xenophobia is an act of ignorance, stupidity and inhumane act. 

I just had to take this out of my chest…
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