Some men don’t get it. First you would love this man with your whole heart, you would even disown your own family for this man.

Do everything for him, you will even want to give him your whole cheque ,whatever he wants, tell you he doesnt like make up so u do everything to be natural when around him, even when you haven’t even tried or haven’t had anul sex you would want to have anul sex with him to make him happy, suck his dick even though you haven’t done it before. But still you would do it to please his ass. Dropping all your side potential babes for this mother fucker because your heart tells you he is the right one but your inner voice tells you he aint but still we listen to our heart not inner voice.

You will travel long distances for this man, either walking,driving or flying to where ever this man is at just to see him and please him.Cook for this man and everything else you might fucking think of. 

 AND THEN THIS MF….  Coming up after you like and comment. 


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